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WISCONSIN COMMON GRANT APPLICATION FORM (Revised March 2006) The Common Grant Application (CGA) can be used for all types of proposals: special projects, capital and general operating support. Please
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Welcome to the common grant applicationgrant seeker tutorial my name is LaurieMitchell and this is going to be a brieftutorial showing grant seekers how touse our site to apply for a grantproduct donation or fellowship on thecommon grant application site currentlyyou're looking at our dashboard this isthe page you land on after you login toour site to login to our site you needto register first ww command grantapplication comm and click on the greengrant seeker button from the dashboardwhen you're ready to start yourapplication you want to click on startdraft application underneath the greenapplication icon this brings you to ourgrant maker page multiple grant makersuse the common grant application site soyou need to find the grant maker thatyou're applying to for this video I'mgoing to be applying to the Lawrencefoundation so you're going to click onselect program next to the grant makername some grant makers have multipleprograms that you can apply to theLawrence foundation only has one butyou're going to want to click on startdraft app next to the correct programyou're applying to I've now started theapplication process there is a reminderat the top to save your work and aprogress bar has appeared the progressbar shows you all the different pagesyou need to go through in order tosubmit your application currently we areon the grant maker instruction pagethese are instructions written by thegrant maker and are important to readthere also could be grant maker programdocuments at the bottom please read theinformation that they're asking you todo and possibly open the documents readthem and you might have to upload themlater some of them are fill out whenyou're ready to move on you're going towant to click on next this takes you tothe contact page I want to point outthere's the previous and annex button onevery page anytime you click on thesebuttons it'll save your work but ifyou're going to be on a page for anextended period of time you're going towant to click the Save button so let'sscroll down you'll notice that someinformations already filled out this isthe information you entered when youregistered but there's other fields thatyou need to fill out if they have a redasterisk they're required if they don'tthey're optional so go ahead and fillout some of the information and whenyou're ready you can move to the nextpage now we're on organizationbackground a few things to point outsome of the fields might be drop-down toselect other fields or text that youneed to enter you'll notice that there'sa character count this lets you know howmany characters you have left in thatfield you can also drag and extend theseboxes to make them bigger using yourmouse at any time when you're fillingthis out and you need to stop you canclick pause save and...
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